Keyword Research for Video SEO Houston


It might sound astounding, but just like text pages videos too need keyword research as a common practice for SEO Houston. Effective keyword research is the stepping stone in any search engine optimization procedure. However, the tools for videos are quite different than other content marketing. Here are a few tools that are of great assistance in video marketing Houston.

Google’s Keyword Planner gives data for all Google search results including video. With this you can get a clear picture of the popular phrases by which you can identify the opportunities that will lead to better rankings. This information is very useful for pages which have embedded videos. This tool is exclusively for Google, but there are similar tools in other search engines like Bing too.

Ubber suggest is a free tool for keyword research and a very handy one for any marketer. This gives you variations of keywords or phrases. For example, if you put in a keyword like ‘photography’ it will give you other options like ‘photography tutorial’ or ‘photography gallery’ and so on. As a marketer, you can combine this information and use them for your video content. You can then plug them to the Keyword Planner (as mentioned above) which will be a bigger opportunity in terms of SEO Houston.

YouTube keyword research is another great tool for video marketing Houston. It is a well known fact that YouTube is the largest website for video content. With its huge popularity it is quite obvious that companies post their video content in YouTube. As a matter of fact, YouTube is the third most popular search engine. The keyword research tool in YouTube works in a similar way as that of Google’s keyword planner. The only difference is that it gives keyword options only within YouTube search engine.

All these tools are very helpful to any marketer who wants to utilize best of search engine optimization methods for video marketing Houston.


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